Banji Chona

Banji Chona is a Zambian artivist and artchivist whose work manifests across the artistic and cultural spectrum. Banji’s work channels the visceral need to bring to life accessible spaces dedicated to fostering nuanced artistic and cultural dialogue. Her mission is the deconstruction and reconstruction of orthodox archetypes and normative ideologies through the use of dynamic multidisciplinary art, which has great potential to shift paradigms and inspire children of the Zambezi to live and express their truths which exist at the intersection of historical and contemporary happenstance.


Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu

Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu is a self-taught multimedia artist based in Lagos. Her practice centers on explorations of line, form and boundary which she expresses through a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture and film. Ukoha-Kalu often creates landscapes on paper made with a combination of abstract elements and textures. Her work sometimes exposes the skeletal process of creating, where the audience is invited to witness and explore
with her.

Beulah Ezeugo

Beulah Ezeugo is an Igbo curator and researcher, whose current work investigates the collective memories embedded within internets, bodies, and ecosystems. Her practice is informed by a Social Science background from University College Dublin and an MLitt in Curatorial Practice from Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow. She is interested in using archival interventions to collaboratively map new openings and overtures towards a Black postcolonial future.

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