Lead From The Land was a collaborative research project between Zambian artist Banji Chona, currently located in Rome, and Nigerian artist Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu, who lives in Lagos. Their correspondence took the form of a six-week-long residency built on an understanding of food creation and consumption as a ritualistic practice that fosters earthly and ancestral connections. Through their correspondence with each other and curator Beulah Ezeugo, they trace personal acts of resistance to the colonisation of indigenous food practices. 

This work is grounded in exploring the archival nature of the seed, the crop, and the recipe; the cross-generational transmissions that occur when we cook; and their capacity to transmogrify according to our own understanding of our identities and localities. The resulting archive - composed of audio, video, and text - records the potential for our foodways to become a tool to map an ecosystem, one that symbiotic threads taste to place, ritual to invention, and exploitation to exchange.

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